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Expats are attracted to Singapore by the promise of high salaries, lavish lifestyles and luxury homes, and they’re rarely disappointed

Despite being relatively young, Singapore has already experienced significant changes in its lifetime. Welcoming people from across the globe, Singapore has quickly developed a unique, hybrid culture that makes it the most consistent performer in our rankings and a favourite among expats.

Singapore's identity is built on its multiculturalism and Singaporeans are proud to attract people from around the world. This 'Singapore Spirit' has a significant impact on new arrivals, who feel welcomed with open arms into their new community, helped by the fact that most Singaporeans are bilingual. It is therefore unsurprising that the country is the best destination for expats moving with children.

With goods and services flowing in and out of Singapore, the country is one of Asia's key trade hubs and a major contributor to the thriving regional economy. Experienced expats are sought for their knowledge and expertise and are rewarded with impressive salary increases and promotions.

Much like its national flower, the Singapore orchid, Singapore is a vibrant and resilient metropolis, rightfully placed amongst the top destinations for expats looking for a life in Asia.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: Around 5.7 million
  • Capital city: N/A
  • Neighbouring Singapore: N/A
  • Main languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil
  • Time: GMT +8

Check out the local market for goods instead of bringing them from overseas - it's much cheaper!

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