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Embrace the spirit of sunny Spain

With its bright blue skies and long coastline bordered by sandy beaches, Spain is still a popular expat destination, despite suffering a harsh economic decline.

People from across the world flock to the vibrant Iberian Peninsula to enjoy an idyllic life. It’s a country of great contrasts – from the cosmopolitan cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia to sleepy towns and villages high in the Andalucian Hills.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: About 48 million
  • Capital City: Madrid (and the largest city)
  • Neighbouring Spain: Portugal, France, and Andorra.
  • Main languages: Spanish (known as Castilian) is the official language. There are several regional languages, such as Catalan, and English is widely spoken and understood.
  • Time: GMT+1 (GMT+2 from the end of March to the end of October)

Learn Spanish, enjoy Mediterranean food and ski in the Spanish Pyrenees. In the summer try Costa Brava and Balear Islands.

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Learn to live in Spain, not in an English colony. You will get so much more out of life.

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