Western capitalism meets Oriental culture

An island republic off the coast of mainland China, Taiwan has a lot to offer expats – a vibrant culture, sparkling seas and a cosmopolitan capital.

Taiwan came 3rd overall for experience in our 2018 Expat Explorer Survey and business is thriving on the island, generating all kinds of opportunities. And while Taiwanese people are fiercely proud of their independence, they’re just as happy to share their home with expats from across the world.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: Over 23 million
  • Capital City: Taipei
  • Neighbouring Taiwan: Taiwan shares maritime borders with China, Japan, South Korea and Philippines.
  • Main languages: Mandarin is the official language. Taiwanese is also widely spoken and you should get by with English, particularly in Taipei.
  • Time: GMT (GMT+1 from late March to late October)

Think carefully about what your non-Chinese speaking spouse might do while living in Taiwan as jobs for those who don't speak Chinese are rare.

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Relocation Checklist

Our checklists give you a comprehensive overview of the kinds of things you need to do before you move and also what to consider in your first few months in your new country or territory.

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Learn Mandarin - and make sure your colleagues know you are taking Mandarin lessons!

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