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Thanks to a capital city powered by international talent, the UK is a great place for motivated expats

Expats continue to be drawn to the UK by the attractive career prospects and the opportunity for personal development. Indeed, the home of both Cambridge and Oxford Universities is one of the very best places to pick up new skills, especially amongst younger professionals. It is also a top place for visitors to grow in confidence and there are plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues. The career benefits of the UK do come at the expense of higher living costs but improved salaries make up the gap and many expats have money left over to explore the rest of Europe in their free time.

London remains the focal point for many expats looking to move to the UK. The city is a hub of multiculturalism which owes much of its cuisine, traditions and economy to generations of visitors from around the globe. Along with New York and Paris it ranks as one of the most vibrant cultural hotspots in our survey. Many of the world's leading financial services companies have a strong presence in the capital and only New York, the home of Wall Street, can claim to offer faster career progression.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: Around 67 million
  • Capital city: London (also the largest city)
  • Neighbouring UK: Republic of Ireland
  • Main languages: English
  • Time: GMT (GMT+1 from late March to late October)

Get out of the London bubble and explore the interesting countryside and other cities, each with their own character!

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