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Compare: Russia

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Interesting, sometimes difficult, but the best time of my life

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  Score Rank Score Rank
Overall 27.68 16
Quality of life 0.31 34
Physical & mental wellbeing 0.26 36
Fulfillment 0.46 14
Community 0.40 14
Political stability 0.17 21
Ease of settling in 0.31 3
Making friends 0.53 8
Learning 0.41 7
Schooling 0.24 8


  Score Rank Score Rank
Overall 12.13 28
Income 0.39 18
Disposable income 0.60 23
Economic stability -0.05 28
Career progression 0.44 13
Reaching potential 0.36 15
Work / life balance 0.30 29


  Score Rank Score Rank
Overall 12.53 32
Cultural values 0.42 11
Personal development 0.35 40
Personal achievements 0.28 40

Expat Explorer ranks 40 countries across various criteria from the 2020 survey.

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