Planning for the costs of raising a family abroad

In the 2017 HSBC Expat Explorer survey almost two thirds (60%) of parents say it’s more expensive raising children abroad than it would be at home, regardless of where they live.

In the long term, however, this may be money well spent as the vast majority of parents say life as an expat has had a positive effect on their family life and child’s lifestyle. Three in five (61%) of expat parents rate their child’s overall quality of life as better as a result of the move, while 27% say it is the same.

No matter where you move to or the type and stage of education needed for your children, planning ahead is vital.

The first step in helping you secure the best educational start in life for your children would be to discuss your options with an experienced wealth adviser.

A HSBC Expat review gives you the opportunity to take a good look at where you are now and where you want to be in the future - exploring your options with a qualified adviser in financial planning. You are not obliged to choose any of the solutions we recommend.

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About the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey

The Expat Explorer survey is the world's largest independent global expat survey. Commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by a third party research company YouGov, 27,587 expats based in over 100 countries were questioned between March and April 2017. In order to be included, each country had to reach a minimum sample size of 100 expat respondents.

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