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A strong foundation matters most

If expats are prepared to pack up their lives for somewhere new, that new start has to be stable. Economic uncertainty (30%), political uncertainty (29%) and exposure to currency fluctuations (30%) can all keep expats up at night when it comes to their financial wellbeing.

A steady, reliable economy is vital, so it makes sense that the annual movements in our economics league table are far smaller than in the other expat measures. Just one in our top five and three in the top 10 territories in this year's economics league table have moved at all.

Of those that have, Sweden is down three places to 8th this year and India is down 5 places to 14th.

Always seen as a place to live for the good life rather than the financial or working life, France has gained six places to come in at 21st.

But Bahrain deserves a special mention thanks to its six-place gain to claim 5th best territory in the world for economics.

Globally, around a quarter (26%) of expats say they originally became an expat to improve their earnings. It's the 3rd highest reason after career progression (38%) and the chance to challenge themselves (34%).


of expats originally moved overseas to improve their earnings.

Though more expats say it's important, once they are settled earnings slip to only the 4th highest reason for staying.

In Bahrain, and throughout the Middle East region in general, the figures are far higher. More than half (55%) of expats here moved to increase their earnings. These people are focused on creating a long-term benefit for themselves and their families.

At USD103,000, Bahrain-based expats typically earn a little less than the average income for an expat worker anywhere in the world but almost two thirds have more disposable income and can save more than they could at home.

Managing your money as an expat: some things to consider - and how we could help.

Things to consider

The 2018 Expat Explorer survey is a global survey completed by 22,318 expats across the world. The research was conducted online by YouGov in March and April 2018. League tables are calculated using responses to 27 of the questions asked in the research. A minimum sample of 100 expat respondents including at least 30 expat parents is required for a country to be included in the league tables.

Expat Explorer collects key findings from countries around the world.

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