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Where should you put down roots?

The question of settling in a new country or territory has a huge influence on where an expat invests their hard-earned money.

They may be thousands of miles away with few immediate plans to return, but expats are just as likely to own property in their home country as their host country.

More than half plan to live in that property when they do eventually return and another 20% want their children to inherit it.


of expats who own property want their children to inherit it.

Among those with property in their host country or territory, the reasons for investing in a home appear more short-term, despite the fact that they'll probably be living overseas for many years.

Most expats say they make their decisions about where they put their money based on risk, ease and security. But a surprisingly high proportion of everyday money trickles home too, including savings, stocks and shares and pensions. Overall, though 44% of expats hold the majority of their wealth in the country they live and work in, 35% keep most of it at home.

Managing your money as an expat: some things to consider - and how we could help.

Things to consider

The 2018 Expat Explorer survey is a global survey completed by 22,318 expats across the world. The research was conducted online by YouGov in March and April 2018. League tables are calculated using responses to 27 of the questions asked in the research. A minimum sample of 100 expat respondents including at least 30 expat parents is required for a country to be included in the league tables.

Expat Explorer collects key findings from countries around the world.

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