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Expats are putting the hours in during their time in the world's biggest economy, the USA

Expats moving to the United States have their eyes set on the exceptional careers on offer. Whether they move for New York's financial hub, San Francisco's tech scene or the academia of Boston, it is no surprise that professionals are heading there to progress their careers.

The hard work certainly pays off as expats spend their newfound income on property and the lifestyle perks of the USA. Expats across the country are able to increase their standard of living, affording more impressive properties, cars and gadgets as a result of the move. Even the culinary scene is prized by visitors. This does come at some expense for some expats, however, who say they are working longer hours and have less leisure time, compared to at home.

When you they do get time to enjoy themselves, it is the US's culture that really stands out. Expats can find themselves reclined on Californian beaches, driving along Route 66 or rolling the dice in Vegas – there are plenty of ways for them to spend their time and money in the USA. The country certainly does not disappoint as a destination, as proven by the large quantity of expats who have chosen to stay long term. So whether people are looking for top professional opportunities, bucket list adventures or a change to family life or retirement, the American Dream awaits.

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Quick Facts

  • Population: About 328 million
  • Capital city: Washingston DC
  • Neighbouring USA: Canada, Mexico
  • Main languages: English. Spanish is widely spoken in the southern states.
  • Time: The USA spans six time zones. Eastern Time is GMT-5, Pacific Time is GMT-8, Central Time is GMT-6, Mountain Time is GMT-7, Alaska is GMT-9 and Hawaii is GMT-10. Daylight saving time applies between March and November in all states except Arizona and Hawaii.

Have a cushion of savings you can turn to if certain things take longer than expected (immigration papers, finding a place to live, etc.)

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Our checklists give you a comprehensive overview of the kinds of things you need to do before you move and also what to consider in your first few months in your new country or region.

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Make sure you have healthcare insurance.

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