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How to help your children settle into their new life abroad.

Where will your journey take you and your family?

Living and working abroad is both exciting and challenging. Explore our tools to find out more about expat life.

Expat Explorer Survey

The Expat Explorer survey, now in its ninth year, is one of the largest independent global expat surveys.

See at a glance how countries compare across the globe, compare countries in detail and gain in depth analysis from 26,871 expats.

Great for people who...

  • Aren't sure where they want to move
  • Are deciding between a few countries
  • Want to compare their home country with other countries in detail
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Expat Life Is…

In the HSBC Expat Explorer survey, 16,000 expats completed the phrase “Expat life is…” with a word that reflected their own experience.

We engaged a poet, journalist, blogger, and AI (artificial intelligence) to interpret, in various art forms, the words used by expats to describe Expat Life.

Great for people who:

  • Are interested in the views of other expats
  • Are thinking of becoming an expat themselves
Endlessly challenging, endlessly stimulating, and wholly worth it.

Expat Country Guides

Your guide to Expat Life. Get to know your host (or future host) country in more detail.

Covering everything from education and accommodation to public holidays and relocation checklists, they provide a comprehensive guide to expat life in 45 countries.

Great for people who...

  • Know which country they are moving to, and need help creating a plan
  • Are interested in the views of other expats as well as the facts
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Expat Families

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey interviewed more than 7,500 expat parents about raising a family abroad.

We engaged with an expert psychologist, Kate Berger, to share some tips to help with your family transition when moving abroad.

Great for people who:

  • Are interested in moving abroad with kids
  • Are already an expat family

Watch Raising Children Abroad Opens in a new window a video exploring how to help support your family to settle into their new life abroad

Expat Hints & Tips

Come with an open mind and say yes to everything.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Make an effort to learn & appreciate your neighbours' language & culture!
Immerse yourself in the local culture, people, food and enjoy it.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Be open to new adventures and go for it.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Sort out the banking situation before you move.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Allow yourself to become a global citizen, and grow more attuned to different cultures, people, politics, poverty and environmental problems.
Expat Explorer Survey respondent
Use a range of social media to get in touch with people.
Robin Pascoe
A dry bag! Can't live in a tropical environment without one!
Added by @Bro9ando
Start with colleagues and never say no to lunch. Be proactive and join an expat group. Sign up for language classes.
Added by @Mattbrady
Walk and take public transport whenever you can to see the best of a city like Geneva. Parking is difficult unless you have a dedicated space with your accommodation.
Added by Londoner Abroad

Expat Hints & Tips

Whether you're about to move, or are a seasoned expat, our Hints & Tips tool offers hundreds of useful hints and tips about life abroad.

Great for people who...

  • Want helpful ideas to help them settle in to a new country
  • Are looking for tips from expats on specific topics such as accommodation or work

Expat Careers

See how countries compare based on the things that are most important to your career.

Whether you already have a destination in mind or are just surveying your career options, this tool helps you identify the best countries to live and work in based on your career priorities.

Great for people who…

  • Want to move to further their career
  • Want to see how a country ranks based on their career priorities
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Expat Community

From YouTube:

I've been a expat for 13 years... I cannot see myself in other way than as a world citizen. Thanks for such a nice video.

From Facebook:

A move abroad means crossing paths with people from all walks of life. Who is the most inspirational person you've met since you made the move?

From Blogger:

10 signs you were born to be an expat...

From Twitter:

Calling experienced #expats! What advice do you have for people considering a move abroad?

Expat Community

Share your experiences and connect with other expats around the world. Whether you're planning your first move abroad or you've got a string of overseas postings under your belt, our blogs, tweets and videos are a great source of information and advice.

Be part of the expat community

We teamed up with our expat community to create a video about what life is like as an expat. Exploring life in a new country offers both opportunities and challenges, so we look at why people decided to move abroad, what expats have learned and what they’d say to others about to take the leap.