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Standing sentinel on the west of the Iberian Peninsula with spectacular sun-soaked beaches lapped by the azure waves of the Atlantic, Portugal holds a lot of attraction for expats looking to slot into the slow rhythms, great cuisine and gorgeous surroundings of this Western European gem.

Bordered by Spain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, Portugal’s beauty abounds with long stretches of pearly white beaches and arching mountains. A population of just over 10 million leaves plenty of room for expats to explore its many architectural treasures, historical sites, phenomenal food culture and natural scenery without having to fight off large crowds. Home to some of history’s greatest mappers and explorers, Portugal itself holds plenty of treasures for inquisitive travellers and expats.

The country does present plenty of work opportunities, but most expats arrive looking for a better quality of life rather than for financial and professional reasons. Ultimately, sun worshippers seeking a less frenetic pace of life, a relatively low cost of living and great food, will fall in love with Portugal.

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